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Tankard Award winner – annual book award from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (2015).

Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver Outstanding Woman Junior Scholar, AEJMC (2015).

International Communication Association – Top Paper Award- Honorable Mention (2014).

Reynolds Fellow, Reynolds Journalism Institute -University of Missouri School of Journalism (2014-present) – $25,000 fellowship plus travel grant and course release.

Dean’s Extended Research Grant, Columbian College, George Washington University (2014-2015) – $2,000

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication- Emerging Scholar (2014-present). $2, 500 grant plus conference travel.

Tow Fellow at the Columbia School of Journalism’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism (2013-present). $21,000 grant for research into newsrooms and physical and digital space, non-residential fellowship.

International Communication Association’s Journalism Studies Division -Dissertation of the Year Award (2012): The Gene Burd Urban Dissertation Research Prize. $1,000 prize.


Journalism & Communication Monographs – only un-tenured member of the board

Social Media & Society – Open Access Sage Journal

International Journal of Communication– Only non-tenured member of editorial board.

Digital Journalism- Founding editorial board member, only un-tenured members.


Making News at The New York Times – European Journal of Communication, Political Communication, International Journal of Communication, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Media Innovation, Nieman Journalism Lab, Choice Books

Lifestyle Journalism – Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly

Will the Last Reporter Please Turn Out The Lights – Journalism

Making Online News – New Media & Society


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